Faculty for International Students

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How are you, our foreign student? Are you all right?

Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology is state higher school of Russia. It trains engineers for chemical, machine-building, textile, electronic, food and other branches of industry as well as specialists for academic, higher school and chemical branch of science.
More than 400 graduates from Eastern Europe, Latin America, South-eastern Asia and Africa have received Engineer's and Master's degrees at the University; 25 of them took post-graduate courses and defended their theses.
They work now in more than 60 countries of the world, among them are managers at enterprises and large companies, directors of research and educational centres.
Foundation date: 1918 (as a department of the Polytechnical Institute).
Type of educational institution: state.
Total number of students enrolled: 6000.
Number of foreign students enrolled: 80.

At the Preparatory Faculty foreign students learn Russian and get prepared to start basic disciplines, taking adaptive courses in maths, physics, information science, engineering graphics etc., the selection of disciplines depending on the speciality chosen. The duration of Russian courses varies
from 3 to 10 months depending on the purpose of training, financial possibilities and career objectives.


  • Faculty of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology
  • Faculty of Organic Chemistry and Technology
  • Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Cybernetics
  • Institute of Finance, Management and Economic Systems
  • Faculty for International Students
  • Higher Chemistry College
  • Humanities department
  • Chemistry Lyceum


  • Chemistry;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Economics and Management;
  • Information Systems and Technologies;
  • Finance and Credit;
  • Anticrisis Management;
  • Mathematic Methods in Economics;
  • Standardization and Certification of Chemical Industry Products;
  • Machines and Apparatuses of Chemical Production and Enterprises of Construction Materials;
  • Machines and Apparatuses of Food Productions;
  • Material and Components of Solid State Electronics;
  • Automation of Technological Processes and Productions;
  • Chemical Technology of Organic Substances:

    • - Technology of Organic Dyestuffs;
    • - Technology of Chemical and Pharmaceutics Compounds.
  • Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances;
  • Technology of Electrochemical Productions;
  • Chemical Technology of High Molecular Compounds:

    • - Technology of Lacquer Composite Materials and Coatings;
    • - Chemical Technology of Plastics;
    • - Technology of Polymers for Medical usage.
  • Technology of Plastics and Elastomers Processing: Specialization:
    • - Technology of Polymer Film Materials and Artificial Leather;
    • - Technology of Plastics Processing.
  • Chemical Technology of Refractory Non- Metallic and Silicate Materials;
  • Chemical Technology of Materials and Devices of Electronic Engineering;
  • Basic Processes of Chemical Production and Chemical Cybernetics;
  • Technology of Fats, Ether Oils, Parfume-Cosmetic Products
  • Technology and Equipment of Chemical Fibres and Composite Materials on Their Basis;
  • Chemical Technology and Equipment of Finishing Productions;
  • Environmental Protection and Rational use of Nature Resources
  • Culture Science: Specialization:
    • - Management in the Sphere of Culture



The students to be admitted to the University must follow the following regulations:
For getting invitation and visa one must
1. Send by fax (4932) 41-78-58 a copy of a passport with the following information: number of the passport, name date and the place of birth, the date of getting the passport, the time of passport validity. It is necessary to indicate the place of getting the visa and the address where the invitation should be sent.
2. After getting the invitation for study one must get the visa in the consulate of Russian Federation or in the diplomatic office of Russian Federation.
3. For coming to Russia to study one must have the following documents:

  • Passport;
  • visa for study at the University;
  • migration card with the stamp of crossing the border;
  • the document on complete secondary education (for the post-graduate course one must have diploma about the University education, for getting master's degree one must have the diploma (certificate) on bachelor's degree). The document must be translated into Russian and have the notary signature;
  • the medical certificate about the health;
  • certificate about the absence of AIDS;
  • necessary financial means for paying the study and accommodation in a dormitory;
  • six photographs sized 3x4 cm.

    the students: till 25th of August,
    for applicants entering the Preparatory Department: till 25th of September.

    - interview, taking into account the documents certifying the received education,
    - proficiency test in Russian.

    The students are provided with accommodation s in the students' dormitories and are offered single or twin-bedded rooms, according to the contract signed.



    - Free access to educational, scientific and fiction library stocks,
    - free sports facilities,
    - possibility to participate in art and students' clubs activities, also free of charge.



  • Preparatory Faculty - 1 year
  • Bachelor's degree - 4 years
  • Diploma of an engineer - 5 years
  • Master's degree - 6 years (4+2)
  • Post-graduate course - 3 years



    the first semester begins on the - 1st of September,
    the second semester begins on the first of February.



  • Bachelor's degree (B)
  • Engineer (C)
  • Master's degree (M)

    The University accepts foreign citizens for post-graduate and doctorate programmes and awards scientific degrees of Ph.D. and D.Sc.





    7, F.Engels Street, Ivanovo 153000, Russia
    RECTOR: M.F. Butman
    tel.: (4932) 32-92-41

    E-mail: rector@isuct.ru

    Dean of foreign students: M.E. Torshinin

    tel/fax (4932) 41-37-46

    E-mail: foreignd@isuct.ru