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We invite yоu to study in ISUCT, at the department of the Russian language!

We invite you to study at ISUCT, at the department of the Russian language!

Your studying   at the department of the Russian language   of high quality is –

Work with skilled teachers!
Study of Russia (country and people)!
 Participation in linguistic research!
Acquaintance with Russian national traditions!

        Foreign students have been studying in Ivanovo State University of Chemical and Technology since 1979. They arrive for special training from the different countries of Eastern Europe, Latin America, South-East Asia and Africa, and also from the Commonwealth of Independent States. During the all period of training they study not only Russian language, but also history, culture, national traditions of Russia. The country studies with foreign students are conducted by the teachers of Russian.

The department of Russian language was created in the university in 1985. Today it is headed by the academician of the RANS, doctor of philological sciences, professor Mikheeva Ljubov Nikolaevna.

All members of the department are teachers  with long-term experience, majority  of them has degrees and ranks.


        The teachers of department of the Russian language regularly improve their professional skills at the leading universities of Russia in Moscow (RUDN, Institute of Russian named after A.S. Pushkin), Saint Petersburg (SPGU). Also they constantly take part in interdepartmental, all-Russian and international conferences, in process of international congresses and symposiums of MAPRYAL (International association of teachers of Russian and literature), ROPRYAL (Russian society of teachers of the Russian language and literature), publish the scientific articles in the Russian language and foreign collections and magazines, write and issue the monographs.

        Since 1998 the department has been organizing and conducting the International and all-Russian scientific and scientific-methodical seminars, conferences on the actual problems of the Russian language and culture of speech, including foreign students. The famous scholars arrive from the different institutes of Russia, and also from the Commonwealth of Independent States for participating in scientific events. The foreign students and graduate students of ISUCT always actively participate in conferences. As a result of work a department prepares and publishes collections of scientific works in which materials are published including the scientific works of foreign students.


        Under  the guidance of specialists in Russian philology, foreign students prepare reports on different topics: The "Russian and Chinese proverbs  in the context of intercultural intercourse", "Aesthetic values in consciousness of the Vietnamese people", "Features of speech communication of the Arabic students" and others.  Our foreign students also take an active part in the all-Russian and regional competitions of orators and readers, in the festivals of Russian, receiving prize places, diplomas, diplomas.

        Before choosing a specialty foreign students are trained on a preparatory course which was created in the university in 1991. During the first months they intensively study the Russian language, and for deep and comprehensive knowledge of Russian is conducted to different aspects: phonetics, grammar, scientific style, practice of speech. Tutoring the Russian language proceeds on basic courses, and also in a magistracy and in a post-graduate study. Today the included studying is practiced for foreign students who arrive to university to the 3-rd course and also need of language training.


        The programs on all aspects are created by the teachers of department and courses of studying Russian, the teaching- methodical materials are developed, materials and manuals are published. In the educational process the multimedia means of training, electronic presentations, video materials, computer tests and textbooks that  placed on the information carriers and in the virtual training  Moodle environment are actively used.

        The department of Russian language is the official representative of the university in ROPRYAL, closely co-operates with this organization, including the publications in VAK‘s magazine “World of the Russian word”.

        The department of Russian language closely co-operates with the leading institutes of higher education of Russia: RUDN, MSU, MADI, BMSTU of A.D. Bauman, MUSTR of D.I. Mendeleyev,  SPbU, by the Russian State Pedagogical  University of  A.I. Gerzen,  by the National University of mineral resources “Gurney” (St.Peterburg) and also with the universities of Vladimir, Kursk, Voronezh, Tula, Yaroslavl, Orel, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma.

        For successful adaptation of foreign students in the Russian-language environment  the department  of the Russian language introduce them with Russian reality, acquaints with the life of Russians, with the historical and cultural values of the Russian people during journeys to the cities of "The Golden ring": Ivanovo, Palekh, Ples, Suzdal', Pereslavl'-Zalesskiy, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Moscow. In the same way the department of the Russian language organizes the excursions to museums and exhibitions, visits to the theaters and circus of Ivanovo; celebration of national and cultural holidays (New Year, Day of student, final evening etc).

        Foreign students acquaint themselves not only with the Russian culture but they also become the organizers of the holidays, parties with purpose of acquainting their Russian friends with the national traditions and culture of their own countries.

        The department of Russian language is the participant of the Interclub organized at the university. The Interclub was organized in the university with the participation of Russian language department in order to promote the tolerance education of young people. Its main object is the familiarity with the culture and national traditions of the various peoples and nationalities. Foreign students are active participants in the thematic parties which take place in an atmosphere of cooperation and friendship.

        There is a specialized study room the of Russian language where renders can help get with the search of materials on Russian and culture of speech at a department of Russian; textbooks of methodic and certificate literature are given out for independent work; advising on language  essays of  term and diploma papers is conducted; there are exhibitions of special and methodical literatures; stands are designed to help in educational process. The special magazines, such as: "Philological sciences", "World of the Russian word", "Russian speech", "Russian abroad" and others are subscribed for teachers and students of the department.

        The special magazines, such as: "Philological sciences", "World of the Russian word", "Russian speech", "Russian abroad" and others are subscribed for teachers and students of the department.

We wait for you at our university, at our department!

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