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The journals’ mission

The “Modern High Technologies. Regional Application” journal since the year 2004 position itself as an open ground for interdisciplinary communication of initiative young scientists and specialists working in Russia’ regions in the sphere of education and corporative business.

The central purpose set up by the publishers is to further free discussion and exchange of ideas between scientists and businessmen for a good cause of advancement of creative suggestions and theoretical researches to the real economy.

The journal’s mission received the wide support of readership in different regions of Russia and even abroad. Over a period of time from 2004 to 2013 thirty six editions of the journal contained over 500 articles on different areas of economic and engineering and technical sciences. The geography of the author's publications is presented by twenty on regions of Russia and by ten foreign countries from Europe, Asia and Africa. The foreign authors publish their articles in English.

The subject orientation of the journal includes two branches of knowledge:

- Social and economic and public sciences, including:

1.1. Economic sciences;

- Technical sciences, including:

2.1. Energy, metallurgical and chemical engineering;

2.2. Processes and machines of agroengineering systems.

Original articles, overviews, reviews touching the actual problems of general scientific and scientific-applied character and having key value for modern science development are published in the journal.

The journal publishes the articles on all sections of the scientific researches which are included in «Economic sciences» knowledge branch:

  • economic theory, economic geography, political economy, regional economy;
  • system analysis, economic cybernetics;
  • mathematical and tool methods of economy, economic and mathematical modelling;
  • mathematical and applied statistics, statistical methods of the analysis and forecasting;
  • information technologies in economy and business - structures management;
  • finance, monetary circulation, credit;
  • economic analysis, business accounting and audit;
  • management of the organizations: including industrial, financial, international, crisis management;
  • marketing and advertising activity;
  • economy of education.

«Engineering and Technical Sciences» knowledge branch is presented in the journal by the following sections:

  • chemical technologies, technologies of processing manufactures;
  • ecological technologies, environmental protection;
  • technologies and means of automation of chemical manufactures, the process equipment;
  • tribotechnical materials and technologies;
  • technologies of the textile industry;
  • architecture, construction sciences and technologies;
  • Agricultural sciences and agrotechnologies.

Except the specified scientific directions, registered in HАС of the Russian Federation at formation of a scientific profile of magazine in the List of editions for the publication of materials candidate and theses for a doctor's degree, edition publishes articles under a heading "New technologies in formation". All articles and authors possess the equal rights, protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation about the copyright.

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