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Financial conditions

The articles submitted by the members of Academy of Natural sciences are published on favourable terms. Members of Academy of Natural sciences can present on favourable terms no more than one article.

For members of Academy of Natural sciences and  members of Editorial Council cost of one publication is 250 roubles (individual authorship, volume up to 5 pages)


For other experts (not members of Academy of Natural sciences) cost of the publication is 250 roubles for one page (for employees of ISUCT - 200 roubles under condition of - no more than 1 author).

The articles individually given by post-graduate students, are published free-of-charge, by way of the general turn.

Payment for the publication is brought by transfer to the settlement account.

Published materials, applications for a subscription, the covering letter, copy of the payment document go to the address: 153000, Ivanovo, Russia, 1 Gidelev street, room 33. Rychikhina Natalia

Essential elements on payment

Получатель: 153000, г. Иваново, пр. Шереметевский, 7,  ФГБОУ ВО «Ивановский государственный химико-технологический университет», УФК по Ивановской области (ФГБОУ ВО «ИГХТУ» лиц. счет  20336X39120)
ИНН / КПП 3728012818 / 370201001
р/счет 40501810100002000002
банк ГРКЦ ГУ Банка России по Ивановской области г. Иваново
БИК 042406001 к/счет – нет

Код дохода 00000000000000000130 (Назначение платежа: организационный взнос на научно-издательские расходы ЦИАТ)

ОКАТО 24401364000

Contact phones: (4932)32-72-20, 30-58-88, 32-72-55.

Payment by available means in cash department ISUCT is supposed.

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