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The order of scripts direction for reviewing and publication

1. The editorial Board of the journal "Modern high technologies. Regional application" accepts for publication manuscripts in Russian or English languages that reflect the results of original research on the profile of the journal. The scientific profile of the journal detailed the following special headings: Economics, engineering, agricultural industrial system. The article should be submitted in duplicate certified by the personal signature of the author (-s). The copy of the article is necessarily to represent on the electronic carrier (СD-R, СD-RW). The published materials and also the scripts which are taking place on consideration in other editions are not accepted to consideration. The quantity of authors of the publication should not exceed 3 persons.

2. Editorial staff assumes liability to limit a circle of persons having access to the script sent to the editorial staff, employees of editorial staff, editorial council.

3. In the script there should be: the statement of a problem, the place of the results received among scientific publications on problematics given, the description of scientific device used, bibliographic references and conclusions of research.

4. The manuscript should include the summary (10-15 lines of the standard text) in Russian and English languages, keywords, transfer of the title and surnames of authors on English language.   The summary should not contain abbreviations, numerical indicators, bibliographic references. The total of keywords no more than 5-6, in word combinations should not be more than two words. While submitting the manuscript must include the article indexes (UDC) by the tables of Universal decimal classification available in the libraries. The UDC should correspond to a special category to which the article belongs.

In connection with inclusion of magazine since 2018 in international scientometric databases at manuscript registration the list of references in the form of a Latin transliteration (a site http://translit-online.ru) in addition should be resulted, and also to be specified the international bibliographic code of classification JEL code (for articles on economic sciences, a site http://www.library.fa.ru/files/JEL.pdf).

5. It must be applied on a separate sheet the data on the author (s) in Russian and English languages with the indication of surname, name, scientific degree and  rank, place of work and contact phone, address of electronic and usual mail.

6. Article submitted for publication must be accompanied by a letter from the institution where the work was performed, or from structural division of the Academy of natural Sciences. Revision requests have to submit a certificate about the possibility of open publication of the article.

7. The volume of article (including an illustrative material, tables, the list of the literature) is established at a rate from 5 to 15 typewritten pages of format А4. The text is typed in MS Word (version 6.0/95 and higher) by font Times New Roman, the size - 12, a line spacing - unary; alignment on width; fields: top – 2 sm, bottom - 3,5 sm, left - 3 sm, right - 1,5 sm. Mathematical formulas should be typed with the use of Microsoft Equation 3.0. Figures are represented in a format tiff (expansion *.tif). Grey and color filling should be replaced with slanting, cross or other shading, or on black filling. Multicolor images are not allowed (only black and white). All parts of the article (the table, a footnote, figures, etc.) should be resulted completely in a corresponding place of the article and should be editing. Formulas, figures, tables are numbered by way of their mention in the text.

8. All the literature should be summarized at the end of the article in alphabetical lists separately for Russian and foreign authors, but with continuous numbering. In the list of references give the following data: surname and initials of the author (authors), journal title (books, dissertations, electronic resource), place of publication, publisher, year, number of pages (for books), year, volume, number, serial page numbers (for journal articles), the name of the site and the date of application (for electronic resources), for the dissertation - the Institute where the work was performed. The list of references in accordance with GOST 7.0.5-2008. Sample: 1.Raizberg B. A., Lozovskiy L. S., Starodubtseva E. B. Modern economic dictionary. 5-e Izd., Rev. and extra-M.: INFRA - M, 2006. 494 p.2.Adorno T. V. the logic of social Sciences / philosophy Questions. 1992 . No. 10. P. 76-78.3.Market trainings Novosibirsk: custom game [Electronic resource ]. – Access mode: http:/www/nsk/adme.ru/news/2006/07/03/2121.html (accessed on 17.10.08).

9. The scripts received by editorial staff are exposed to obligatory anonymous reviewing. The decision on acceptance to the publication or a rejection of the script is accepted by an editorial staff after reviewing. In case of a rejection of the article editorial staff sends to the author the corresponding notice.

Reviews of the papers stored in the publishing house and the editorial office for at least 5 years. Copies of reviews are sent to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation upon receipt at the editors request.

10. Editorial staff directs authors of the scripts demanding completion, the letter with the text of the review. The modified script should be submitted to publishers not later than 1 month. The letter should be enclosed the modified script from the authors, containing answers to all remarks of the reviewer and specifying all changes made in the script.

11. The scripts accepted to the publication pass scientific and literary editing. Edition reserves the right to bring itself editorial editing in the text of the script, not deforming sense, and also to reduce the text with a view of observance of requirements of computer imposition.

12. Edition reserves the right to itself to check article of the author (s) on unauthorized borrowing of text (on a site http://www.antiplagiat.ru).  In case of detection of considerable unauthorized borrowing   of the  text  article  acts in  film from  consideration with the notice on it of the author (s).

Reviewing order of the scripts directed to be published in “Modern High Technologies. Regional Application” journal


According to the requirements of “The Regulations about the editorial board of the “Modern High Technologies. Regional Application” journal (in the redaction of 01/10/2013) all the scripts directed by the authors for publication are obligatory to be reviewing by the area of scientific specialty.

As the reviewers act the authoritative scientists, professors of well-known universities of Russia and other countries forming the part of Editorial council in one of the sections: Economic sciences or Engineering and Technical sciences.

1. The Schedule graph of the reviewing is defined by the edition periodicity – 4 issues per year and also by the schedule of editorial and edition preparation of artwork of each issue.

2. The primary review is carried out by the managing editor of the Editorial board. The compliance of the presented materials with the requirements of “The Rules for the Authors” which to be published in each issue of the journal and on the official site is checked. The terms of primary review are five days from the date of script registration by editorial secretary.

If there are breaches of the requirements the script is returning to the author for its elimination. In the registration journal the relevant mark is made.

3. If the results of the primary review are positive the script is directed to the scientific reviewing to one of the members of Editorial council (on the script specialization) with the Editorial board decision formalized by the record approved by the Editor-in-Chief (of Associate editor). Maximum term of scientific reviewing is one month.

4. When the script is examined the Reviewer must answer the following questions:

- the compliance of the article title with its contents and the scientific journal profile (scientific specialization);

 - presence of original (author's)point of view on the questions discussed;

- the compliance of the material statement style with the principles of scientific character, validity, information capability, logicality and completeness;

- the compliance of the text grammatical correctness with the rules of Russian language and the compliance with the State Standard requirements when the numerical information and graphic are designed;

- acceptability of the publication in annual issue: a) in presented form without commentary; b) when all the shortcomings marked are eliminated within the time limit before approval of the journal layout; c) inadmissibility of publication in annual issue.

The review in writing certified by the reviewer personal signature with the script is directed to the Editorial board.

5. If there are the commentary and shortcomings marked by the reviewer and preventing script direction to print the review content (in the anonymous form) is sent to the author with the Editorial board accompanying letter, the script is taken of the consideration what in the registration journal is marked.

6. By Editorial board decision recurrent reviewing (when all the commentaries are eliminated, or when the author can argument his point of view) is carried out by the same reviewer of by another from the number of Editorial council in the profile of the script examined.

The repeated reviewer (-s) refusal of the script involves the script taking off the further reviewing about what the Editorial board directs to the author the motivated conclusion.

7. When the positive results of the reviewing are received the Editorial board within the time limit of not later then 10 days to issue signing into press on the meeting approves the complete of the annual journal issue and gives all the materials (scripts) to the science editors (from the Editorial board) for text correction.

8. The computer-aided makeup of the artwork is carried out by the issuing editor and is approved by the managing editor. The artwork of the annual issue is signed “into press” by the Editor-in-Chief (or by the Associate editor) in the terms not later then 10 days after calendar quarter ending and is given to the Center of Innovative and Crisis Technologies of the University (CICT of ISUCT) for execution of the contract with typography.

9. Reviews of the papers stored in the publishing house and the editorial office for at least 5 years.

10. Copies of reviews are sent to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation upon receipt at the editor’s request.

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