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Pharmaceutical chemicals and cosmetics chemical technology

Awarded degree or qualification: Bachelor

Language of instruction: Russian

Form of training: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Programme description

Medical and cosmetic products play an important role in modern life. Their production has increased. The educational programme trains specialists in the field of medicines and cosmetics production. The training programme gives knowledge in the fields of pharmacy, organic chemistry, biotechnology, nanotechnology and materials science.

Programme objectives

The graduate will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • operate technological processes of pharmaceutical chemicals and cosmetics production;
  • bring a new process to a commercial status;
  • carry out incoming raw materials control, monitor production discipline;
  • to make pharmaceutical chemicals and cosmetics quality control;
  • perform technological processes modeling using application software.

Graduates professional activity

The professional graduate activity (at industrial enterprises, research and development institutions) aims to the production of chemical medicinal products, vitamins, antibiotics, officinal medicines: pills, ointments, tinctures, suppositories, etc. The graduate will be able to carry out professional activities at industrial enterprises and in research organizations engaged in the research of processes and equipment operation for medical and cosmetic products.

The educational programme trains:

production managers for industrial enterprises of petrochemical and fine organic synthesis industries, research engineers for research and development institutions. Special attention is paid to macroheterocyclic compounds. They are potential organic dyes, catalysts for various processes, liquid-crystals, semiconductors and bioactive materials and materials for nanotechnology.

Major disciplines:

  • "Chemical and technological processes theory of organic synthesis"
  • "Oil chemistry and its refining basics"
  • "Chemical technology of organic and petrochemical synthesis"
  • "Introduction to the heterocyclic compounds chemistry"
  • "Methods of organic synthesis products analysis"
  • "Design baseline and organic synthesis enterprises equipment"