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Systems and tools for automation of technological processes

Awarded degree or qualification: Bachelor

Language of instruction: Russian

Form of training: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Programme description

Modern production and process control systems are characterized by a high degree of automation which needs a large number of technical devices connected by power and information communication lines. That is why any modern production requires professionals who are able to design and operate various software and technical devices as well as automation and control systems.

The educational programme allows training professionals in the field of systems and automation of technological processes. The training programme provides skills in various fields such as physics, computer systems, information and communication technologies, instrumentation, and electronics.

Programme objectives

The graduate will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • to take part in the preparation of a feasibility study for projects to develop automation and control systems and tools;
  • to perform calculations and design of individual units and devices of automation and control systems in accordance with the technical task;
  • to monitor compliance of developed projects and technical documentation with standards, technical conditions and other regulatory documents;
  • to process results of experimental researches using modern information technologies and technical means.

Graduates professional activity

The professional activity of the graduates is aimed to develop modern software and hardware for research and design, control, technical diagnostics and industrial testing of automatic and automated control systems.

The graduates will be able to carry out professional activities in design organizations, research organizations and departments of industrial enterprises of various industries, in divisions of law enforcement agencies, in small and medium-sized businesses where there is a need for qualified personnel in the field of automation and control.

The educational programme trains:

engineers for technological systems maintenance, design engineers and developers of automation systems in various industries. Students of this programme will become high-quality specialists who possess modern knowledge, skills and abilities for choosing hardware and software to solve tasks in the field of automation and control in technical systems.

Major disciplines:

  • "Technological process automation";
  • "Design of automation systems";
  • "Automation devices and systems";
  • "Microprocessor tools for automation systems";
  • "Technical means of automation and control";
  • "Diagnostics and reliability of automated systems";
  • "Mathematical foundations of Cybernetics";
  • "Automatic control theory";
  • "Technological processes and production";
  • "Modelling of control systems".