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Materials Science and Technology of New Materials

Awarded degree or qualification: Bachelor

Language of instruction: Russian

Form of training: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Programme description

Modern production cannot do without new materials and the development of technology for their production, primarily in the field of high technology. Currently, the industry produces a variety of materials of both natural and artificial origin. At the same time, the requirements for their quality and characteristics are increasing. Therefore, the direction of "Materials Science and Technology of Materials" is very popular everywhere. Special attention in modern materials science is paid to the consideration of refractory non-metallic and silicate materials, which largely determine the development of the leading branches of engineering and technology.

The educational programme allows to train specialists in the field of materials science, production of products based on glass, various ceramic, silicate and binding materials. The training programme provides knowledge in various fields, in particular, in the field of inorganic and physical chemistry, nanotechnology, composite materials, general materials science, resource and energy saving technologies.

Programme objectives

The graduate will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • to develop, obtain and use materials for various purposes;
  • to ensure the production of high-quality products, including ceramics, glass and binders;
  • to manage production processes effectively;
  • to design high-tech processes at the stage of pilot testing and implementation;
  • to organize work places in the subdivision;
  • to develop technical specifications to make measurements, tests and pilot development work;
  • to participate in the work of a group of specialists during the development of production processes.

Graduates professional activity

The professional activity of the graduate is aimed at implementing modern technologies and nanotechnologies in the production of high-temperature and silicate materials, as well as products based on them. A graduate will be able to carry out professional activity in industrial enterprises and research organizations engaged in the development, research and production of materials (glass, ceramics, binders, etc.)

The educational programme trains:

The educational programme prepares manufacturing engineers and managers in the field of modern technologies for the production of products made of ceramics, glass, binders. Students of this programme can become elite graduates who are able to conduct research and promote high-tech knowledge-intensive production.

Major disciplines:

  • "General Materials Science and Technology of Materials"
  • "Technology of Non-metallic High-temperature Materials"
  • "Glass-like and Glass-crystalline Materials"
  • "Mineralogy and Petrography"
  • "Equipment and Mechanization in Materials Technology", etc