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Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Awarded degree or qualification: Bachelor

Language of instruction: Russian

Form of training: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Programme description

Highly qualified chemists-researchers are in demand at any enterprise and in any scientific institution in the world. It is due to the fact that industrial enterprises and scientific institutions need to solve urgent problems of modern chemistry and materials science on a daily basis.

The educational programme allows to prepare specialists for the chemical sciences, education, chemical and related industries that can easily adapt to various professional tasks. The educational programme provides knowledge in different fields, including supramolecular chemistry, chemistry of solutions, inorganic materials science, nanotechnology, physical and coordination chemistry.

Programme objectives

The graduate will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • to carry out experimental research according to the specified method;
  • to do scientific research in the chemical industry;
  • to prepare research objects;
  • to select technical means and test methods for successful solution of the tasks set;
  • to conduct classes in educational establishments of general, secondary and higher education.

Graduates professional activity

The professional activity of the graduate is aimed at research and educational work connected with the knowledge of chemical phenomena and processes. The graduate will be able to carry out professional activity at higher educational institutions, research institutes, laboratories, industrial enterprises of pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and other profiles, as well as in the field of secondary education, research and innovation centers and technology parks.

The educational programme trains:

  • employees and academic staff of universities,
  • employees of research structures,
  • managers in the field of high technology,
  • employees of laboratories and research centres of industrial enterprises.

Students enrolled in this programme will become elite graduates who are able to conduct research and promote high-tech technologies in production.

Major disciplines:

  • "The Chemical Basis of Biological Processes"
  • "Coordination and Supramolecular Chemistry"
  • "Biosensorics and Photosensitizers Chemistry"
  • "Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry"
  • "Fundamentals of Nanochemistry and Chemistry of Medical Materials"
  • "Professionally Oriented Foreign Language"