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Technology and processing of polymers

Awarded degree or qualification: Bachelor

Language of instruction: Russian

Form of training: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Programme description

Currently, products made of polymers are successfully used in all sectors of industry and agriculture. Annually the consumption of polymers increases by more than 5%. The production efficiency of both the polymers themselves and their products depends on the qualification of workers. The educational programme allows to train highly qualified specialists in the field of polymer synthesis and polymer processing into products for various purposes, as well as in related fields of engineering and technology. This educational programme provides knowledge in the field of chemistry and technology of macromolecular compounds, nanotechnology, composite materials, polymer materials science, methods of manufacturing plastic products.

Programme objectives

The graduate will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • manage the technological processes of industrial production for processing polymer products;
  • successfully control the technological processes of polymers and plastics production;
  • take part in the work on setting up, configuring and testing equipment and software;
  • effectively organize workplaces, their technical equipment and placement of technological equipment;
  • perform mathematical modeling of processes and objects based on application software packages for researches.

Graduates professional activity

The professional graduate activity is aimed at implementing modern technologies in the production of polymer materials and products based on them. A graduate will be able to carry out professional activities at industrial enterprises and research organizations involved in the research, production and operation of polymer materials, products, structures, coatings and composite materials. A bachelor will apply his knowledge at various enterprises working in the field of polymer processing, as well as at enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses producing consumer goods from polymers.

The educational programme trains:

  • enterprises and organizations of small, medium and large businesses involved in the synthesis and processing of polymers;
  • research and design organizations;
  • trading companies specializing in sales of polymer products.

Major disciplines:

  • "Polymers chemistry and physics"
  • "Equipment for polymer production and processing enterprises"
  • "Basiс principles of polymer processing technology"
  • "Basiс principles of polymer production and processing enterprises designing"
  • "Composite materials"
  • "Chemical and technological processes modeling"
  • "Polymerization plastics technology"
  • "Production technology of articles from polymeric materials"
  • "Polycondensation polymer technology"
  • "Modified polymer technology"
  • "Modern polymer processing technologies"
  • "Methods of processing plastics into products"
  • "Elastomers processing technology"
  • "Polymer materials science"
  • "Research methods for the structure and properties of polymer materials"