The Department of Engineering Cybernetics and Automation

The Department of Engineering Cybernetics and Automation trains Bachelors in the following directions:

Management in Engineering Systems, viz.  Engineering Processes Systems and Means of Automation; Engineering Processes and Production Automation viz.  Engineering Processes and Production Automation. The Master’s programme is  Management in Engineering Systems viz.  Engineering Processes and Productions Automation and Management.

The mankind has been always intended to develop and design gadgets and devices to facilitate people’s  hard labour as it was described in science fiction writers’ novels.

The development of computer technology has given the birth to automated process control systems designing, where an individual can be completely excluded from control functions. The professionals in automation are in great need now so the graduates of our Department are in demand in various branches of industry. From their first year at the University, our students are trained to obtain  the necessary knowledge to  apply  computer technology professionally.

According to the curriculum, the students have an opportunity to use computers to fulfill their year and diploma projects and do laboratory practical works and tests during their whole study period. 

Our students are involved in researches in various fields: the design of microprocessor technology based devices, modelling of technological processes on a PC with both subsequent development of control systems, algorithmic and software control systems.

Graduates of the Department work at the enterprises of various industries and in business, developing and employing automated information management systems.

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