Department of General Chemical Technology

The Department of General Chemical Technology (GCT)  arose in 1918 at the Mineral Department of the Chemical faculty of the Ivanovo-Voznesensk Polytechnic Institute.

The following disciplines were taught at the Department of GCT in different periods: encyclopedia of chemical production (since 1938 - general chemical technology); electrical engineering; instrumentation and measuring devices; processes and apparatuses of chemical productions.

As an independent structural unit, the Department of GCT began to function since 1952, when it was headed by Professor Timofey Ilyich Kunin. From this moment to the present, it has not changed its name, although at different times, along with the discipline “General Chemical Technology”, teachers of the department trained students on labour protection, the use of computers in chemical technology, life safety, ecology, etc.

At the department there  works the Problem Laboratory of Thermodynamics of Chemical Reactions, the experimental site "Kompleks” (“Complex"), doctoral students, graduate students and undergraduates are being trained. Every year about 10 students are involved in research work.

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