The Department of Processes and Apparatus of Chemical Engineering

The Department trains Bachelors in the profile Energy - and Resource-Saving Processes in Chemical Engineering, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology viz. Basic Processes of Chemical Production and Chemical Cybernetics and Masters in the same program.

Modern chemical industry produces a huge range of different substances and materials. However, despite the variety of chemical products, their production is associated with a number of similar processes, such as mixing of liquids and gases, filtration, centrifugation, heating and cooling, evaporation, absorption, rectification, drying, crystallization, chemical interaction, etc.

Comprehensive study of these processes allows graduates, who are trained by the Department, to solve urgent problems such as:

  • when operating actual production facilities: to choose the optimal technological modes, to achieve high productivity of devices,
  • in new productions designing: to develop highly effective and low-waste technological schemes and to choose the most appropriate types of devices, to fulfill technically competent and scientifically proved calculation using  modern computing facilities and techniques;
  • in scientific research: to study the main factors  determining the processes, to obtain generalized dependencies for their calculation and  implement the results of laboratory studies in production efficiently.

Graduates work in chemical and related industries, in particular, food industry. Specialization in a particular field of industry is carried out at the request of enterprises.

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