Department of technology of inorganic substances

The Department of technology of inorganic substances trains bachelors and masters in the direction of “Chemical Technology”. Bachelors training progammes are “Chemical technology of inorganic substances” and “Technology of natural gas processing”.

Masters training programme is “Chemical technology of inorganic substances and materials”.

Professional activity of the bachelors’s degree graduates in the field of “Chemical technology of inorganic substances” deals with the production of basic and fine inorganic synthesis products, salts, alkalis, mineral fertilizers, as well as catalysts and sorbents for these processes.

Bachelors with the academic profile “Technology of natural gas processing” will become experts in such processes as the production of liquefied gas, the catalytic processing of natural gas into alcohols, ammonia, organic acids, aldehydes, resins and other products. All chemical enterprises of the industry are characterized by a high level of automation and computerization of technological processes, and the products of these industries are in steady demand not only in Russia, but also abroad.

The department has contracts for training specialists with the enterprises which offer social support programmes for young people: additional scholarships during university study, payments during practice, benefits and financial support for young professionals.

Research directions at the Department of technology of inorganic substances are related to the development of the technologies for producing catalysts and sorbents for various industries – from oil and gas to food ones. These works have reached a new qualitative level when methods and techniques of nanotechnologies appeared in the arsenal of researchers. Students play the most active role in these studies.

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