Department of industrial ecology

Training programme: "Energy resource saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology". The academic profile is "Environmental Protection and Industrial Ecology".

Training programme: "Technosphere safety".  The academic profile is "Environmental Engineering".

The demand for specialists in the field of ecology and technosphere safety is due to the high rates of modern technologies development, the emergence of new materials and substances used by man, and the arising of new social, demographic and natural resource problems in this regard.

Students of these educational programmes study current environmental problems (climate change, ozone layer destruction, acid rains), chemical and physical processes occurring in the environment, problems of human and biosphere interaction, as well as the  ways to ensure human security in the modern world. The training programme includes the following subjects: Ecology and Chemistry of the Environment, Environmentally Friendly Technologies, Safety Engineering.

Training programme: "Standartization and metrology".

The academic profile: "Metrology, standardization and certification".

Standardization is a system that sets standards for products and technological processes. Certification is a set of measures to confirm the compliance of products or services with the requirements established in the standards. Standardization and certification are intended to protect the consumers rights, to ensure quality and safety control of products and services, their promotion in the market.

Students study the following subjects: Automation of Measurements, Quality Systems, Metrological Support of Testing Laboratories, Computerized Data Processing Methods, Statistical Evaluation and Testing of Hypotheses, etc.

Graduates of the department can work at government and control institutions,  at industrial enterprises and testing laboratories, research and design organizations, fulfilling the duties of engineers and inspectors for environmental safety, technical supervision and labour protection, quality management of products and technologies, security and risk assessment analysts.

Graduates with a bachelor degree can continue training taking a Masters programme "Technosphere safety" and "Energy resource saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology".

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