Department of food technology and biotechnology

The department prepares bachelors according to the direction “Food products from vegetable raw materials” for two profiles ("Technology of fats, essential oils, perfumes and cosmetic products" and "Technology of bread, confectionery and pasta") and “ Biotechnology” with the profile “Food biotechnology”.

Vegetable and animal fats are essential components of the human diet.

In addition, natural and synthetic fats, as well as products of their processing are widely used in the production of various types of cosmetic products: creams, toothpastes, lipsticks, elixirs, balms, shampoos, soaps, detergents, etc.

The  syllabus for the profile "Technology of fats, essential oils perfumes and cosmetic products" includes  such academic subjects as  biochemistry of vegetable raw materials, food chemistry, commodity science  of food products, technology of production of vegetable oils, technology of natural essential oils and synthetic fragrances.

Subjects for "Technology of bread, pastry/ confectionery and pasta" profile are: bakery biochemistry, food microbiology, production technology of bread and bakery products, production technology for confectionery, production technology of pasta, bakery and confectionery, basic design and equipment of bakeries (large-scale bakery/mechanized bakery), scientific bases for the production of chocolate and sugar confectionery, bakery improvers and their application, design of the combined food.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Food Biotechnology will work for

enterprises of dairy, meat and other branches of the food industry.

Food science students study such important and interesting subjects as general biology and microbiology, fundamentals of biochemistry and molecular biology, chemistry of biologically active substances, food and dietary supplements, food biotechnology, technology of milk, functional food development.

Students practise at food enterprises in different regions of Russia.

The department is also preparing masters in “Food products from vegetable raw materials” (mastership programme "Biocatalytic processes in food technologies»).

In-depth training is provided in the following disciplines/subjects: food science methodology, modern problems of food technology, biosynthesis of enzymes and production of enzyme preparations,  application of enzymes in food technology, chemistry of taste, colour and flavour.

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