Fine Organic Synthesis Technology Department

Bachelor Degree programme is realized according to two educational specializations:

- "Organic and petrochemical synthesis technology»;

- "Cosmetics and pharmaceutical chemicals technology".

Master Degree programme is realized according to the educational direction  "Fine organic synthesis products technology".

While extracting the simplest organic substances from oil and transforming them into complex organic compounds (dyes, chemical and pharmaceutical products, biocatalysts, organic semiconductors, products for biotechnology, cosmetic and perfumery industries) chemists create new molecular structures.

Our graduates successfully work at large enterprises producing a wide range of organic compounds (monomers for polymer chemistry, synthetic drugs, vitamins, antibiotics, film and photographic materials) as well as in standardization and quality control laboratories, research and development centres.

The most talented and enthusiastic students continue their post-graduate education.

The Department works together with leading scientific centers of our country, Cracow University of Technology (Poland), Madrid Autonomous University (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain), Friedrich Alexander Erlangen Nurenberg University (Germany).

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