Department of chemical technology of fibrous materials

In the framework of the direction “Chemical Technology”,  the Department trains bachelors in the field of “Chemical, bio- and nanotechnology of textiles” and masters according to the programme of “Chemical technology of textile materials”.

Undoubtedly, textiles should have a good effect, namely, interesting colouristic design, and possess a whole range of valuable service characteristics – have perfect whiteness, bright, strong colouring, crease resistance, incombustibility, etc. Unfortunately, nature did not give us natural fibres and dyes to create textile materials fully possessing the necessary qualities. Chemists were able to solve these problems.

It is the finishing chemists who are involved in the development of materials for spacesuits of astronauts, incombustible suits for firefighters, as well as the finest fabrics shimmering with all the colours of the rainbow for ball gowns or dense, deep-coloured drapes, furs, etc.

In the course of training at the university, the technique and technology of textile materials finishing, the disciplines of industrial design are studied: the bases of chromatics, artistic composition and harmonious combination of colours.

Graduates of the department work successfully both at the finishing enterprises of the cotton, wool, linen and silk branches of the textile industry, and at the knitwear, leather and fur industries, as well as in  the firms producing souvenir, promotional, enterprise items.

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